St Peter’s Church of England Middle School is an academy within the family of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust (ODST).  The Local Governing Body (LGB) has delegated authority from ODST in relation to St Peter’s Church of England Middle School.  Our school has members of the Local Governing Body (LGB).

Eight of the LGB member positions are Foundation Governors (which usually includes our local vicar) appointed by ODST Directors.

The Head of School is a Governor, ex-officio, appointed on account of office.  There are two Parent Governors and one Staff Governor, who may be a member of teaching staff or non-teaching staff.  Both Parent Governors and Staff Governor are elected members.  A Parent Governor may become a Foundation Governor, but they cannot be counted in both categories.

The Local Governing Body meets at least once every term, but often much more frequently than this.  Various sub-committees such as Finance and Premises and the Quality of Education (Curriculum) Committee meet regularly and report back at full governing body meetings.  We have individual Governors with particular responsibilities, such as SEND and Safeguarding.  Further information about our Governors and the work they do is below.

Opportunities to meet the governors

There are several occasions during the year such as Parents’ Evenings, Open Evenings and New Parents’ Evenings when parents can meet with members of the Governing Body.  

Any parent who has any queries concerning their child’s education should discuss these with the school first. If they feel unable to resolve an issue after having discussed it with the school, they should write to the Chair of Governors, care of the Clerk to the Governors at the school office.

As Governors, we expect to see St Peter’s continue to develop and provide high quality education and care to our students as part of the Windsor community of schools.

Thank you for your interest in St Peter’s Church of England Middle School.  If you would like to contact the Governors, please email or drop a letter into the School Office marked FAO: Clerk to the Governors, C/O St Peter’s School Office.

If you would like to become a Governor, please email or drop a letter into the School Office marked FAO: Clerk to the Governors, C/O St Peter’s School Office.


Meet the Governors


Jane Whitehorn

Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor and Safeguarding

  • Member of Ethos, Finance and Premises, Quality of Education (Curriculum)
  • Term starts - 25th March 2019
  •  Term ends - 24th March 2023
Hilary Ross-Smith for website


Hilary Ross-Smith

Clerk to the Governors


Andy Snipp

Ex Officio as Head of School

  • Term starts 01/09/16
  • Term ends n/a

Gemma Clements

Gemma Clements

Parent Governor

  • Member of
  • Term starts – 14/11/2022
  • Term ends - 13/11/2026
vicar new

Revd Adel Shokralla

Foundation Governor

  • Member of Ethos Committee
  • Exclusions panel
  • Term starts – 12/10/15
  • Vicar - St Peter and St Andrew's Church
Saf Angelo - Governor

Saf Angelo

Parent Governor

  • Member of Quality of Education (Curriculum) Committee
  • Term starts – 9/11/2021
  • Term ends – 8/11/2025

Neil Knowles

Foundation Governor

  • Member Finance and Premises
  • Term starts - 22/9/2020
  • Term ends - 21/9/2024
Fiona McPherson

Fiona McPherson

Foundation Governor (SEND)

  •  Member Quality of Education Committee
  •  Term starts - 03/12/2020
  •  Term ends - 02/12/2024
Jon Bunn v2

Jon Bunn

Community Governor

  •  Member Finance and Premises
  •  Term starts - 22/9/2020
  •  Term ends - 21/9/2024

Committee structure

Quality of Education (Curriculum)
Meets once each term. Monitors and evaluates teaching and learning and pupil progress. Includes safeguarding and attendance.

Ethos committee

Meets once each term.  Includes wellbeing and religious ethos. 

Finance and premises
Meets once each term. Tasked with improving financial monitoring and transparency. Ensure spend aligned with development plan and improving outcomes for pupils. Premises fit for use.

Exclusions Panel
Meets as needed to hear appeals against pupil exclusion.

Disciplinary Panel
Meets as needed to hear appeals against decisions of Head teacher.


Committee Chairs

  • Finance and Premises: Jonathan Bunn.
  • Quality of Education: TBC.
  • Ethos: Jane Whitehorn.

Governors Designated Role

  • Safeguarding: Jane Whitehorn.
  • Pupil premium, LAC and SEND: Fiona McPherson.
  • Health & Safety: Neil Knowles.
  • Finance: Jonathan Bunn.