Profile of SPMS progress and attainment.

We are very pleased with the progress and attainment made by our students this year.  They and their teachers have worked very hard to ensure they are the best results in St Peter's history and a very good way to start our first year as a new Academy school with ODST.
SPMS 2017 SPMS 2016
Expected Standard: Reading, Writing, Maths 61% 58%
High Score: Reading, Writing, Maths 7% 11%
Expected Standard: Reading 74% 68%
High Standard: Reading 26% 27%
Expected Standard: Writing 72% 86%
Greater Depth: Writing 25% 25%
Expected Standard: Maths 72% 68%
High Standard: Mathematics 24% 27%
Expected Standard: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 67% 68%
High Standard: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 26% 27%