These appointments should be arranged out of school times. However, where this is not possible, students should report to school first, bringing a covering letter. When students leave for an appointment they should first report to the Office, and sign the leaving book, notifying the Office Staff of their departure. On their return, children check in with the Office, and sign in.


We want to work with parents to ensure children have maximum possible attendance at school. When a child is absent from school because of illness, it is important that we receive a phone call on the morning and every morning of their absence giving a detailed reason for their absence. Only then can we treat such absence as authorised. Where no notification of absence is received, the school will contact parents to see what the problem may be. Any unexplained absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


We believe that during term time the correct place for children to be is in school. Children are following important programmes of work, which are interrupted by holiday absence. Holiday absence is therefore not permitted in term time. Other request for exceptional or compassionate absence should be made on the appropriate form, which is available from the school office. Parents may be asked to make an appointment with the Headteacher to explain the reason for the absence.

Unauthorised absence of all forms now runs the risk of fines administered by the Local Authority.


Student Request for Leave of Absence